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Soft Fibre threads braided together with 1.5 times increased thread density to create revolutionary FibraTough. Soft flexibility with durability unrivalled

  • 3A High Speed Charge & Sync
  • Support 60W power output
  • FibraTech™ delivers tangle and kink-free charging
  • Bend-tested 30,000 rounds for ultra-flexibility
  • Endured rigorous 50KG pull test
  • Connectors : USB-C to USB-C/USB-A
  • Material : Anti-Fray Fibre braiding
  • Data Speed : USB2.0 480Mbps
  • Supports Power Delivery
  • Charging speed : 3A
  • Length : 1.5M

Supports all devices using USB-C connection

Does the cable support fast charging?
Yes. It supports power output up to 3A.
I cannot get the fast charging to work?
You will need a wall adapter (up to 60W) for the fast charging to work. Ensure your device can support fast charging up to 60W.


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