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Power Bank Purchase Guide: How To Spot A Fake Power Bank

The advent of new technology has brought about many benefits to our lives and this includes the development of portable power banks. However, a myriad of fake power banks can also be found in the market. Counterfeits are often produced using substandard materials and components, resulting in lower capacity, slower charging speeds and potential safety hazards such as overheating or even explosion. Let’s take a look at how to spot a fake power bank to ensure quality and safety.

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Research on the Brand

Reputable brands will always uphold quality standards and invest in product safety. Taking the time to research different brands enables you to look for signs of authenticity including official websites, authorised retailers and customer reviews.

By comparing the power bank's packaging, specifications, and design with the information available from the brand, inconsistencies or discrepancies can be identified, indicating a potential counterfeit. This diligence in research helps to distinguish a bonafide product from an imitation, minimising the risk of purchasing potentially dangerous devices.

Look Out for the Absence of a Brand Name

Ever encountered a situation where no brand name is featured on the power bank you intend to buy? If so, chances are that it might be a knockoff. Omitting a brand name allows counterfeiters to avoid legal repercussions for trademark infringement and evade detection and prosecution. Consumers are also less likely to question the legitimacy of the power bank without a recognisable brand to reference, increasing the likelihood of sales. When it comes to packaging, a generic cover reduces production costs and maximises profits, further encouraging fraudsters to exclude a brand name.

Pay Attention to Any Exaggerated Power Listing


mAh Battery


An exaggerated power listing suggests an inflation of the product’s capabilities beyond realistic expectations. If a portable power bank claims to have extraordinarily high capacity or fast charging speeds that seem too good to be true, it could imply falsified specifications aimed at deceiving consumers. Such claims are made to attract buyers, but the actual performance usually falls short.

For instance, a power bank claiming to have a capacity of 100,000 mAh at a low price might be considered an exaggerated power listing as typical power banks rarely exceed capacities of 30,000 mAh. High capacities tend to result in a much larger and heavier device, which leads us to our next point.

Check for Discrepancies Between mAh and Weight

MAh and weight share a directly proportional relationship, so as the mAh increases, so does the weight of the power bank. This is because higher-capacity power banks require more battery cells and associated components, adding to the overall weight of the device. Therefore, a significant discrepancy between the stated mAh rating and the weight of the power bank can indicate a fake product. Take for example, a power bank rating of 50,000 mAh with an unusually light weight should raise suspicions regarding the accuracy of the capacity claim. It suggests that the power bank may not actually contain the number of battery cells required to achieve the listed specifications. Consumers should be wary of inconsistencies and carefully consider credibility before making a purchase.

Think Twice When It Comes to Unrealistically Low Prices


Charging smartphone with best portable power bank


Power banks offered at an exceptionally low price may signify the use of substandard components, poor quality control or even counterfeit materials, compromising performance, reliability and safety. As a counterfeiter’s primary goal is to drive sales and maximise profits, enticing customers with irresistibly low prices remains a common tactic to exploit unsuspecting buyers who may not realise the risks associated with bargain-priced products.

Though imitation goods are a dime a dozen, exercising diligence, caution and scepticism can prevent us from falling prey to such deceptions. Purchasing electrical devices especially, should always be handled with care as they directly impact our safety.

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