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Choosing The Best Travel Adapter For Your Trip

Travel Guide: Choosing The Best Travel Adapter For Your Trip

Your flight and hotel are booked, your bag is packed, and you are ready to begin your long-awaited vacation. However, after reaching your destination, you discover, to your dismay, that the charger you brought from home does not fit into the hotel’s power socket. That is every traveller’s worst nightmare. Do not let this tiny mistake ruin your travel plans. 


With various types of power outlets existing globally, some with unique plug shapes and voltages, having a universal travel adapter is essential to ensure your trip goes smoothly and you stay connected with your loved ones no matter where you travel. Let us help you make an informed purchase for your upcoming holiday.


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Plug Types: How They Differ Across Countries

Before departing on your trip, do some research ahead of time to understand the plug type used by the country you are travelling to. After all, a universal adapter will not be of much use if it does not fit the available outlet. Doing so will ensure you pack the correct adapter for your trip.


For instance, Type A and B plugs are primarily used in North and Central America and Japan. Meanwhile, Type C, E, and F are usually standard in Europe and South Korea. However, some European countries, like Italy, Switzerland, and Denmark, utilise Type L, J, and K, respectively. 


Besides that, Type D is typically used in India, whereas Type G is most common in the UK and countries that were once under British rule, like Singapore and Malaysia. Conversely, nations like Australia, China, and New Zealand utilise Type I plugs.


Voltage Differences: How To Handle Them


In addition to the different power outlets, you will have to contend with the voltage requirement, which varies by country. For example, the standard voltage in North America is 120V. In contrast, other countries, like most of Europe and Asia, utilise between 220V to 240V.


Therefore, you must consider voltage conversion capabilities when choosing a travel adapter. Some adapters only provide the correct plug shape but may not be capable of handling voltage differences. So, read the product specification carefully and ensure the adapter is appropriate for the country you plan on visiting. 


Tips For Choosing The Right Travel Adapter


Besides considering the plug shape and voltage capabilities, keep the following tips in mind while searching for your ideal universal adapter


Tip #1: Ensure The Adapter Has Sufficient Outlets


Picture of travel adapter


Ensure your travel adapter has sufficient outlets for everyone, especially if you are travelling as a group or with your family. For instance, our TravelWorld Adapter 35 comes with various outlets (two USB-C, three USB-A, and one plug) to enable simultaneous charging for multiple devices. So, you do not have to worry about seeking additional power sockets within your accommodations.


Tip #2: Opt For An Adapter With USB Outlets


Image Of Adapter With USB Outlets


Whether it is a pair of wireless earbuds, a tablet, or a digital camera, we often bring along other electronic gadgets besides our smartphones during our travels. However, many of them typically rely on USB cables to charge. As such, you should always opt for a travel adapter with several USB outlets to ensure you can comfortably power all your devices.


Tip #3: Look For An Adapter With Surge Protection


Image Of Adapter With Surge Protection


There are various perils with plugging in an appliance with incorrect voltage. You could short out the battery, damage your device, or worse, cause a fire. So, take extra precautions by selecting a travel adapter with built-in safety features. For instance, our TravelHub GAN100 features over-voltage, over-current, short-circuitry, and leakage protection to ensure safe charging at all times.


Find The Best Travel Adapters At Energea


At Energea, we offer a broad range of universal adapters to suit your travel needs. Pair them with our fast-charge cables to ensure you stay connected regardless of where you are in the world. Visit our website to browse our comprehensive catalogue today.


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