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Nyloflex 3-in-1 fast-charging cable connected to a smartphone

How Your Charging Cable Can Make A Big Difference in Fast Charging

In our society where productivity and efficiency are highly valued, fast charging plays an important role in enabling us to continue using our devices as quickly as possible. While we often give thought and attention to the chargers we purchase, rarely do we consider the cable used, and yet, this component is crucial in ensuring a seamless charging experience. In this article, we explore how your charging cable can empower fast charging and help you determine the identifiers that differentiate a fast-charge cable from an ordinary one.


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Why Do Good Charging Cables Matter for Fast Charging?


Quality charging cables excel at efficiently delivering power from the source to your device. The cable’s composition, particularly the gauge of the charging wires, can significantly impact the flow of electricity. For instance, a USB charging cable consists of four wires including data and charging wires. These wires, indicated by gauge numbers, determine the amount of power the cable can carry. 


While standard cables often employ a 28/28 gauge, high-quality cables designed for fast charging feature a 28/24 gauge configuration. A smaller gauge allows for less resistance and better conductivity, facilitating a more efficient transfer of power.  


How Can I Check if I Have a Fast-Charging Cable?


Charging Plugged To Device Charger


If you’re still using the original cable that came with your phone, chances are the cable may not support fast charging. Additionally, inspect the cable for any markings or labels that illustrate its compatibility with fast-charging technologies. Fast-charging cables usually have thicker wires and may be labelled with terms like ‘High-Speed’ or ‘Quick Charge’ to signify their capability.  


How Do I Identify a Fast-Charging Cable?


If you have established that you do not own a fast-charge cable and would like to purchase one, here are some helpful pointers to keep in mind.  



As mentioned above, fast-charging cables typically use terms such as ‘Quick Charge’, ‘Power Delivery’, ‘High-Speed Charging’ or ‘Fast Charging’ prominently displayed on the packaging or product description. You can also check for any compatibility certifications with fast-charging standards like ‘Qualcomm Quick Charge’ or USB Power Delivery’. These labels imply that the cable is designed to support rapid charging protocol and can efficiently deliver higher power levels to your device.     


Cable Amperage

Look for charging cables that can accommodate higher current ratings, measured in amps (A). For instance, cables with amperage ratings of 2.4A or higher are commonly associated with fast-charging capabilities. 


Wire Thickness 

Thicker wires possess lower resistance and can handle higher currents without overheating or experiencing voltage drops. This ensures efficient and consistent transmission of electrical current to your device. When selecting a cable for fast charging, search for cables with thicker wires, represented by a lower gauge number (24/28 or 28/24).


Ultimately, for more precise confirmation, we recommend referring to the product specifications provided by the manufacturer or consulting with a knowledgeable representative who can offer assurance regarding the fast-charging compatibility of your cable. 


Fast-charge cables are revolutionising the charging experience and taking productivity to brand new heights. Not only do they maximise charging speed, but they also minimise energy loss, making for an excellent energy-efficient option. Designed for seamless and reliable data transfer and charging, explore our premium selection and find the perfect cable for your needs! Contact us today for more information


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