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More than just a connection to your TV. This next-generation HDMI cable created to support the increased bandwidth requirements of 4K Ultra HD display such as computer, media player, gaming console and camcorder.

  • Plug and Play design
  • 4K@60Hz Resolution
  • 18Gbps High Speed Ethernet
  • 3D Video Formats
  • Audio Return Channel
  • High Dynamic Range
  • FibraTech™ delivers tangle and kink-free charging
  • Bend-tested 30,000 rounds for ultra-flexibility
  • Endured rigorous 50KG pull test
  • Connectors : HDMI to HDMI
  • Material : 24K Plated Connector, Anodised Aluminium Body, Anti-Fray Fibre braiding
  • Resolution : 4K@60Hz
  • Length : 2M
  • 5 Years warranty
There is no internet connection when using the cable?
Your device needs to support internet connection through HDMI input in order for it to work.

FibraTough HDMI Cable

More than just a connection to your TV
4K 60Hz UHD Resolution
up to 4K (4096 x 2160) at
50 / 60 fps using HDMI 2.0
3D Video Formats
for true 3D gaming and home
theatre applications at 1080p
High Dynamic Range
with increased contrast and
color depth up to 48-bit
Audio Return Channel
transmit audio signal without
additional cables

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