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USB-C to lightning cable

4 Factors To Consider Before Buying A New Charging Cable

In an increasingly connected world, smartphones are fast becoming an all-in-one gadget. In addition to using the device for its intended purpose – calling and texting – our phones now double as our e-wallet, portable media player, and personal computer, among other uses. As such, keeping them charged at all times is paramount. 

Fortunately, most new devices provide at least one USB cable out-of-the-box for your charging needs. But there are times when you require a brand-new charging cable because you misplaced your current one or it starts malfunctioning. In this case, how can you ensure you select one that best suits your needs? Let us help you make the correct choice by sharing the essential factors to consider before investing in a new charging cable.

Factor #1: Durability of the cable

Given the limited battery span of most modern smartphones, you will likely carry a spare charging cable alongside a power bank in your pocket, bag, or purse to ensure your device remains operable at all times. However, the repeated folding and coiling of these USB cables can result in wear and tear, eventually causing the cable to malfunction. 

To prevent this from happening, we recommend purchasing charging cables with reinforced connectors and high-quality materials, such as Kevlar aramid fibre or braided nylon, for added durability. While these may cost a bit more initially, the investment pays off in terms of longevity and reliability. You need not worry about having to replace the cable within a few weeks or months.

Factor #2: Capacity of the cable

Smartphone connected to a power bank

Those who value fast charging require an adapter with at least 18W wattage. Of course, this requirement differs according to phone specifications. However, that is only one-half of the equation. Since the charging cable is responsible for transferring power from your adapter to the phone, you will also need a compatible fast-charge cable to ensure optimal charging. 

To determine the wattage that your smartphone is running on so that you can purchase the correct charging cable, look at the product label on the adapter or consult the manufacturer’s specifications. As for laptops, there will be a label at the bottom of the gadget that indicates the required voltage and amps. Multiply the two figures to get the ideal wattage amount.

Factor #3: Length of the cable

Your charging setup and where you typically use your devices can impact the charging cable you purchase. For example, a shorter charging cable is ideal if you frequently charge your phone in your car, as you can avoid a tangle of cords around your central console. Conversely, you may want a longer cable for more flexibility if you constantly use your phone while charging. 

However, please note that excessively long cables are more cumbersome and less portable. Another downside to longer cords is that you sacrifice charging speed for improved flexibility, as they are made from a smaller wire. Finding the perfect balance between length and convenience is essential in determining the ideal charging cable for your needs.

Factor #4: Functionality of the cable

USB-C charging cable

Not all charging cables are created equal. With various brands and products on the market, there will inevitably be slight differences in the functionality of different charging cables. Say you are still using an older iPhone model. In that case, you will need a USB-C to lightning cable to power your gadget. However, this knowledge might not be intuitive to someone who does not keep up with technology trends. We recommend checking with the provider before making a purchase to ensure the charging cable is compatible with your devices.

Purchasing the correct charging cable is essential to ensure your devices remain powered and ready to use at all times. By carefully assessing the factors we shared, you can make an informed decision and invest in a charging cable that suits your needs perfectly, saving you time and money. If you seek reliable, quality charging cables, look no further than Energea. We carry an extensive selection of charging cables for various devices, including multiple Apple and Android models. Visit our website today to browse our comprehensive catalogue.



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