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Is Your Fast Charger Not Working? Here Are 5 Tips To Fix It

Given our hectic lives, the last thing we need is a sluggish phone charger slowing us down. With the technological advancements in the smartphone industry, fast charging has become a norm, enabling us to power our devices faster than ever before. However, what do you do when your fast-charging adapter is not living up to its name? Fret not! We got you covered. Let us share how you can get your adapter back up to speed.

Tip #1: Check if your device supports fast-charging


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While it is easy to assume your adapter is faulty if the device is not working as intended, there could be a simple explanation for this issue – your phone does not support fast charging capability. So before you contact technical support, consult the user manual or perform a quick online search for your device model. If fast charging is a priority for your lifestyle, consider upgrading your smartphone if your current device does not support this feature.

Tip #2: Check that the fast-charging feature is enabled on your device

Sometimes, the culprit could be hidden in your phone. So if you are left scratching your head as to why your device is not fast-charging despite supporting the feature, try adjusting your phone settings. Navigate to the settings menu and look for the “Battery” or “Charging” section. Here, you will notice an option for “Fast-Charging”. Please ensure this feature is enabled to enjoy its benefits. 

Tip #3: Ensure the charging cable is compatible with the adapter

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Your device is not the only thing that must be compatible with the adapter. A mismatched charging cable can also hinder charging speed significantly. As a conductor for transporting current, the USB cable offers resistance when current flows through it. The lower the resistance, the better the conductivity performance, translating to a faster charging speed. Factors that can affect conductivity performance include the cable length, the width of the wire gauge (thickness/cross-sectional area), and the quality of the charging cable.

To keep things simple, use the cable provided alongside the adapter you purchased. As both items originate from the same manufacturer, the charging cable is bound to be compatible. However, we recommend purchasing high-quality, certified fast-charge cables if your original cable is frayed, as they are designed to handle the higher currents required for fast charging without compromising safety.

Tip #4: Check for loose connections or damages to the cable or adapter

Loose connections and damage to the adapter or charging cable can affect the charging process, leading to inefficient charging. So ensure your fast-charge cable and adapter are securely connected to your device and the power source, respectively.  If you notice any visible wear and tear, fraying, or exposed wires, please replace the faulty components immediately. Not only does a damaged cable or adapter affect the charging speed, it also poses safety risks.

Tip #5: Use a certified fast-charging adapter


Fast-charging adapter


Quality matters, always. While uncertified adapters may offer fast-charging features at affordable prices, using these devices may pose fire hazards and damage your phone. Even though it costs a bit more, a reliable, certified adapter that matches your requirements is a worthwhile investment for the peace of mind that comes with efficient and safe charging.

Fortunately, you need not search far for the ideal fast-charging adapter or charging cable. At Energea, we offer various functional and versatile charging accessories that fit seamlessly with your lifestyle and devices, from quality wall chargers to portable, wireless MagSafe stands. Visit our website today to browse our comprehensive selection of fast chargers.


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