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4 Reasons Why Your Phone Might Not Be Charging

How frustrating it is to slip your phone into the charger - only to return later and find that it hasn’t been charged at all despite the switch being on. It’s also a somewhat perplexing situation for many of you who are uncertain about the cause of this inconvenience - especially if you happen to be using a relatively new phone or charger.

Let’s now discuss some of the possible reasons why your phone may not have charged as expected.




Using the Wrong Charger


Even if the charger you’re using fits into your phone, it may not be the right match. A complete lack of charging could mean that the charger you’ve chosen has insufficient voltage to send any power to the battery. It could also be that the charger’s connector is of the incorrect type, reducing the connection’s effectiveness and hindering proper phone charging.


In addition to the potential issues mentioned earlier, using the wrong charger becomes particularly hazardous when the voltage is too high. This poses a significant risk to your phone’s battery, as excessive voltage can cause damage. In extreme scenarios, using a charger with excessively high voltage may even result in the overheating of your phone’s battery, potentially setting it on fire.


Dirt in the Charging Port


You might not realise this, but it’s really important to keep your charging port clean and free of grime as neglecting this aspect might prevent your phone’s battery from receiving power. Check if your charger fits into your phone snugly; if it doesn’t, you might have to clean out the charging port.


When cleaning out the charging port, do not use sharp metallic objects like paper clips or safety pins that may scratch the phone’s internal components or cause them to break off inside the port. Instead, opt for safer alternatives like a toothpick or cotton swab. These items are soft and can fit into tiny spaces like the inside of a charging port to effectively remove accumulated grime without causing any damage.


Software Issues


It’s not always about the hardware. Sometimes, any bugs or glitches in the software can impact the charging process. To resolve this, simply download and install any necessary updates that usually come with patches to facilitate proper charging and prolong battery life.


In some cases, you might have to roll back your previous software instead as charging issues could arise after a system update, where a bug introduced with the update caused difficulties in charging. Do note that not all phone manufacturers permit software rollbacks; in such instances, you’ll have to seek professional assistance.



Image of charger cable


Damaged Charging Port, Cable Or Charger Body


When any part of your charger is damaged, it can result in a failure to charge your phone. These components encompass the charging port, charging cable, and the body of the charger. Among these, the charging cable is most susceptible to physical damage, often developing minor cuts and bends that may progress to more severe issues like broken or exposed wires. 


If the charging cable isn’t the culprit, check the body of the charger. Bent, broken, or loose prongs can limit or completely neutralise the charger’s functionality. Breakage and other signs of visible wear on the charger’s body could also lead to operational problems. Furthermore, potential damage may be present in the charging port which can usually be detected by the presence of bent pins, cracks, or both.


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