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4 Simple tips for rapid phone charging

4 Simple Tips for Rapid Phone Charging

In the fast-paced world we live in today, individuals often lead hectic lives, racing towards the next moment. With many caught up in the pursuit of “fast”, “now”, or “immediate”, it’s unsurprising that the desire for swift phone charging is equally prevalent. Fortunately, there are certain steps you can take to minimise the time your phone spends on the charger.

Here are our suggestions to enhance your phone’s charging speed; by implementing these tips, you can bid farewell to those extra minutes spent waiting for your phone’s battery to reach full charge.


GaN wall charger powering multiple devices


Using a Fast Charger


Some phone chargers, aptly labelled as “fast chargers”, are specifically designed to optimise charging speed. These chargers generate a higher amperage or voltage than an ordinary charger, jacking up the amount of potential energy and consequently accelerating the charging process. Some of the most powerful fast chargers produce more than thrice the voltage or amperage of an ordinary phone charger.


However, when considering the use of a fast charger, keep in mind that your phone’s ability to absorb power is limited by its charging circuit. In simpler terms, even if a fast charger is capable of delivering higher amperage or voltage, your phone will only accept as much power as its charging circuit is designed to manage. You’ll also need a cable and an adapter which are compatible with the charger for seamless functionality.


Leaving Your Phone Idle While Charging


This should go without saying, but the more you use your phone as it charges, the slower it charges. The best thing you can do to speed up your phone’s charging process is to leave it idle as it charges. 


It’s also important to ensure that no apps are running in the background. Every app, regardless of its size, consumes a portion of your phone’s battery power. To expedite the charging process, it’s advisable to close all running apps while your phone is connected to the charger. Check that there aren’t any downloads in progress either, as these activities can also contribute to draining your battery’s life.


Image of an charging cable


Using a Fast-Charging Cable


Opting for a fast charger is only effective when paired with a fast-charging cable. While a standard USB cable is able to send around 2.5 watts of power to your phone’s battery, a fast-charging cable boasts the capacity to deliver up to 120 watts. The wires of a fast-charging cable also transmit more current - sometimes more than two amperes compared to approximately half an ampere from an ordinary cable.


To ensure the effectiveness of a fast-charging cable, you’ll need to analyse several criteria. These criteria include the power delivery rating, voltage and power output, cable amperage, and whether the cable is being sold at a certified store. Pay attention to the size of the cable wires as well - standard USB cables typically feature 28AWG wires, whereas fast-charging cables tend to have thicker wires to facilitate the enhanced delivery of power.


Using a Portable Charger or Power Bank


Portable chargers and power banks are widely available across Singapore. As long as your portable charger or power bank has been charged beforehand, you can use it to charge your phone at any time and in any place. The ease and flexibility of these charging solutions empower you to maintain your phone’s optimal charge level, ensuring it's readily available whenever the need arises.


When it comes to fast chargers, Energea is your top choice. Our chargers are compatible with a wide range of devices – simply pair them with a suitable cable for optimal performance. Additionally, we offer gallium nitride (GaN) wall chargers made using materials that generate minimal heat. This reduced heat production allows components to be positioned closer together, resulting in remarkably compact chargers that retain full power capabilities and meet stringent safety standards. Explore our online store to find the perfect match for your needs and elevate your electronic experience today.


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