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Qi wireless charger

A Guide to Qi vs Qi2 Wireless Charging

Setting the benchmark for inductive charging technology, Qi wireless chargers power devices via a compatible charging pad or surface. It works by transferring power between the charging pad and the device through electromagnetic induction, eliminating the reliance on traditional wired connections. But guess what? There is a new and improved version called Qi2 that promises to offer improvements in charging speed, efficiency, compatibility and safety. Let’s explore why Qi2 is the next big thing compared to conventional Qi wireless chargers.


Coil Alignment


While using Qi wireless charging, both the charging pad and device contain induction coils to facilitate efficient power transfer. However, misalignment between these coils can occur, especially if the device is not properly positioned on the charging pad. As such, charging energy is wasted as heat rather than being effectively transferred to the device’s battery.


Qi2 wireless chargers address this issue by incorporating magnets into both the charging pad and the device, ensuring precise alignment between induction coils. The coils are automatically and securely aligned the moment a device is placed on the charging pad, maximising power transfer efficiency and enhancing the reliability of wireless charging.


Charging Speed


Currently, though Qi wireless charging technology supports charging speeds of up to 15 watts, iPhone models are limited to a maximum of 7.5 watts, posing a significant constraint for many iPhone users. On the other hand, Qi2 wireless chargers remedy this concern by enabling iPhone models to also benefit from the full 15-watt charging capacity. This means users can enjoy the convenience of wireless charging without compromising efficiency or speed, making Qi2 an appealing option for those seeking fast and convenient charging solutions.


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Power Delivery


With Qi wireless charging, the charging pad provides a predetermined amount of power to the device regardless of its specific requirements. This can sometimes lead to inefficiencies as the device may not always require the full amount of power being delivered.


Here is where Qi2 wireless chargers step in, delivering just the right amount of power by detecting the specific power requirements of the device being charged. This means less energy wasted and a more efficient charging experience every time.




Qi2 wireless charger


In our tech-savvy society, the demand for efficient smartphone charging solutions is ever-growing. Here, Qi2 wireless chargers raise the bar, supporting a broader range of smartphones, including iPhone devices by accommodating up to 15-watt charging speed. Now, iPhone enthusiasts can tap into the full benefits and seamless convenience of wireless charging with Qi2 technology, keeping them connected effortlessly.


Safety Features


The best wireless chargers in Singapore will always prioritise safety. They come equipped with features like overvoltage protection, temperature regulation and foreign object detection for a secure charging experience. Nonetheless, Qi2 takes it one step further and builds upon these measures with enhanced thermal supervision and improved foreign object detection capabilities. This results in better heat management, reducing the risk of overheating and ensuring safe charging.


Additionally, Qi2 wireless chargers employ more sophisticated algorithms to detect foreign objects on the charging pad, minimising the chance of accidental damage caused by charging non-compatible items. This not only protects the device being charged but also provides users with greater peace of mind.


As technology evolves, so must we, adapting to stay relevant and keep pace. With Qi2, you unlock unmatched convenience, speed, and consistency, effortlessly boosting productivity in today's fast-paced environment.


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