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Does this function affect battery lifespan?

Fast Charging: Does It Affect Battery Lifespan?

In fast-paced cities like Singapore, the need for speed extends beyond the internet connection. Fast charging is now the standard for modern smartphones, promising to replenish our devices in half the time it takes to power their predecessors.

However, some users remain cautious about fast charging despite the widespread adoption of this technology. As a result, they often disable this feature while charging their phones. So, does fast charging really affect battery lifespan, or is it a misconception? Let us find out.

What is fast charging?

Fast charge is precisely as its name suggests – a functionality that minimises the time required to power your phone’s battery. With a compatible fast charger and fast charge cable, this technology will boost the voltage of the current supplied to the battery, resulting in the charging process lasting much shorter than that of a standard power adapter.

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Will fast charging damage my phone’s battery?


Image of a smartphone display low battery


The short answer is no. However, we can understand why some Singaporeans might have this misconception. After all, fast charging means users utilise charge cycles (from 0% to 100%) faster. Moreover, fast charging generates more heat, which can affect the battery lifespan.

However, rest assured that manufacturers have taken appropriate precautions. Most fast chargers now come equipped with special safeguards to prevent excess current from being supplied to the device. Simultaneously, gadgets with fast charging functions have mechanisms in place to prevent the battery from overheating. The power supply will be disconnected automatically if the temperature gets dangerously high.

How do I minimise the ageing of my phone’s battery life?


Infographic of how to improve your phone’s battery


Tip #1: Avoid extreme temperatures


Avoid exposing your smartphone to high temperatures, as they are the nemesis of battery longevity. Always keep the device in the shade while driving, and never leave it in your car when the weather is hot. Additionally, ensure you charge your phone in a cool, well-ventilated environment, away from direct sunlight exposure.


Tip #2: Never let your phone’s battery drop to 0%


If you are letting your smartphone drain to 0% constantly before charging it, please stop doing this immediately. Battery technology in modern smartphones works differently, and it is most effective when kept between 20% and 90%.


You can consider bringing a portable charger, like a fast charging power bank, with you when you are heading out to keep your phone’s battery within this range as much as possible for optimal performance and longevity.


Tip #3: Always use a certified phone charger


The fast charger you use can significantly impact your phone’s battery performance. While the prices of power adapters from a knock-off brand can be enticing, these products are often defective and can shorten the lifespan of your battery.


Instead, stick to official chargers provided by the manufacturer or reputable third-party accessories to charge your devices efficiently and preserve their performance, as these products are rigorously tested to ensure they adhere to the recommended specifications.


Given that your mobile device is now a one-stop gadget for all your needs, from banking and food delivery to entertainment, it is natural that you want to preserve its battery lifespan to ensure maximum usage. 

At Energea, we care about your devices too! That is why our range of phone chargers and power banks are rigorously tested to ensure they can power your devices safely. So, if you seek reliable, quality charging accessories, visit our website today to browse our comprehensive catalogue.



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