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Do the contacts on your charging cables wear out too quickly?

Do the contacts on your charging cables wear out too quickly?

If you live in a humid environment, you might unfortunately be familiar with your charging cables ceasing to function earlier than expected. Often this is because the contact points on the tip of the cable that allow the cable to connect and deliver data or power to your phone have oxidised and worn down.


Oxidation is the leading cause for cable failure

It is a process that occurs when a metal reacts with oxygen in the air. It often weakens the metal, and is accelerated in warmer, more humid environments. Below are some examples of the oxidised tips from our customers.


oxidised tips


This is unavoidable, given that the gold plating on the cable contacts tends to be softer and wear down quickly, exposing the part underneath to the elements and allowing them to corrode. But we need not be stuck with it for much longer. Meet Nyloflex, our newly design cable, with rhodium-ruthenium charging tip.


Enter rhodium and ruthenium.

Both these metals are hard, stable materials that naturally do not oxidise. Rhodium is insoluble in most acids, and has a higher melting point than platinum, making it incredibly heat-resistant. Ruthenium itself is part of the platinum group of metals, and is a hard, rare earth metal. As a compound, they make strong contact points that will hold up to everyday wear and tear, and continue to be excellent conductors.


benefits of silver contact compared to gold contacts


It may be true that rhodium ruthenium has a higher price point, but it’s also worth considering that paying a little more for a cable that will last you infinitely longer is more worth it than having to replace your cable every couple of years or so. And if you’re wondering where you can purchase one, we think you’ll find one you like right here:


nyloflex usb c to lightning cable
nyloflex usb a to lightning cable



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