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PD20W phone wall Charger

Is it worth upgrading to a PD20W charger?

A black PD20W wall charger.

If you haven’t already, the answer is most definitely yes.

We're seeing a shift towards 20W as the standard for fast charging. A slower charge is all well and good when you charge overnight while you're asleep, but for those of us who are always on-the-go, or always busy, every few minutes counts.


Meet the AmpCharge PD20+


20W of power, two ports, and a whole plethora of compatible devices. The AmpCharge PD20+ provides 20W of power, with Power Delivery for USB-C devices and Quick Charge 3.0 for USB-A devices; you get fast charging at industry standard, for nearly any mobile device you might have.


PD20W: The New Standard for Fast Charging


PD20W 20w wall Charger


If you already own a family of Apple devices, you have all the more reason to upgrade. The newest iPads include a 20W charging brick; Apple recommends MagSafe be used with a 20W charger, and has even released its own 20W charging brick. There is a clear shift towards 20W as a fast charging standard, and we expect that it's here to stay.


Made for MagSafe


PD20W Charger magsafe compatible


Apple recommends that MagSafe be used with a 20W charger, and this is because a PD20W charger has the exact charging profile to draw the 15W wireless charge capability out of a MagSafe charger.


Charge Faster


 PD20W fast Charger


 With both a USB-C and USB-A port, AmpCharge PD20+ offers both Power Delivery and Quick Charge 3.0, to meet all your fast charging needs, Apple or otherwise.




travel size wall charger


No one is travelling now, we know, but you might be working from home. If you need a charger small enough not to take up too much space, AmpCharge PD20+ is compact-sized and perfect for taking with you, whether you’re out visiting a friend, or off to work in a cafe or co-working space.




We're seeing a shift in the baseline standard for charging towards 20W, and, if we might be so bold to say, it would be smart to not only add a 20W charger to your charging suite, but have more than one. After all, we know it works best for the busy hustler when all your devices can charge at optimal speed.


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