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Great Tips For Choosing The Best Wireless Charger

Great Tips For Choosing The Best Wireless Charger

The convenience provided by wireless charging is unparalleled. It eliminates the hassle of fiddling around with multiple wires or adaptors, and makes our lives that much easier. With the rise in popularity of devices like wireless earphones and smartwatches, wireless charging is more relevant than ever before. 

While it might seem high-tech and futuristic, wireless charging technology has actually been around for more than a decade. This has given plenty of time for many different entrants into the market. To help you navigate through the world of efficient wireless charging, we’ve come up with a few tips on choosing the best wireless charger in Singapore for you.

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1) Take Note Of Wattage


Simply put, a wireless charger with a higher wattage will get your phone, smartwatch, or earphones juiced up much more quickly. With advances in technology, power requirements and battery capacity are always increasing, so it’s best to get wireless chargers with a higher wattage. Not only will this future-proof your wireless charger, it also ensures that you’re not waiting too long for your devices to get fully charged up.


The latest iPhone and android smartphones support up to 15 watts for wireless charging and anything above 10 watts is a safe bet. It’s important to note that for Apple devices, only magsafe iPhone chargers will allow charging up to 15 watts while other wireless chargers will max out at 7.5 watts.


2) USB-C Ports


In the early days of smartphones and other electronic devices, many different kinds of ports existed with each manufacturer having their own preference. Today though, USB-C is a clear favourite and is becoming a global, uniform standard. Enviably versatile, USB-C ports can support larger charging currents, are more durable, and sport an easier-to-use reversible design.


What does this mean for you? If you are looking to buy a wireless charger, then getting one with a USB-C port is basically a must. If your wireless charger does not work on USB-C technology, then you risk getting left behind in the very near future.


3) What Devices Are You Using?


It can also be useful to take into account the type of devices that you have. If you’re plugged into the Apple ecosystem of products, then it might be advisable to get magsafe iPhone chargers or magsafe compatible wireless chargers.


The Energea MagTrio is a 3-in-1 Magsafe compatible wireless charging dock that perfectly complements anyone who loves the stylish, minimalist look and feel of Apple products. With hands-free magnetic attachments, non-slip padding, and an adjustable mount, it’s perfect for catching up on your favourite shows while you charge your iPhone, Airpods, and Apple watch simultaneously.


Android smartphones generally work well on the traditional Qi wireless charging standard, that supports both Apple and Android, and thus you might have more options to explore. If you have a mix of different brands, then it might be useful to see the power specifications of your devices and decide based on your needs.


magsafe iphone chargers wireless charger lying upright


4) Charger Design

Wireless chargers have come a long way since their first introduction. Today’s wireless chargers come in all shapes and sizes. Many wireless chargers are now upright so that you can continue to use your devices while they’re charging. For such chargers you should check how well they grip your smartphone on the charging surface, and also how securely rooted they are to the surface


Another useful point to consider is the number of devices you can charge at once. Larger wireless chargers may be able to charge multiple devices but tend to be bulkier and less portable. Energea’s Magtrio and Magduo Air work around this problem with an ultra sleek design philosophy that also allows you to charge two or three devices simultaneously to give you the best of both worlds.


These products also utilise nano grip technology to ensure that they remain firmly rooted to almost any flat surface while charging. Containing no adhesives, this long-lasting nano suction anti-slip pad can withstand up to 30 N of force without leaving sticky residue. More than enough to hold the dock in place when removing your phone from the wireless charger.


A wireless charger, if chosen correctly, can be an important purchase that will last for years. By selecting one that is future-proof, suits your devices, and is well-designed, you can reap the full benefits of wireless charging.


In the market for a wireless charger in Singapore? Why not take a look at our online product catalogue and see if you find something you like. At Energea, we design tech accessories that are functional and practical without compromising on style. Contact us today to find out more about our products or send us your questions


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