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Wireless Charging: Why It Is The Way Of The Future

Wireless Charging: Why It Is The Way Of The Future

Wireless chargers are the future! Does this sound like a bold claim to make? Well, this declaration may not seem so far-fetched when you consider that more and more smartphones now possess wireless charging capabilities.

Besides, what is not to like about wireless charging? It is effortless, reliable, and safe. Best of all, it is available for all sorts of Qi-enabled devices – from your earbuds to smartphones, smartwatches, and more! 

So if you have yet to switch to wireless charging, now is the time to give wireless chargers a try! Still not convinced? Then read on to learn why a switch to wireless charging might be one of the smartest decisions you make all year.

How does wireless charging work?

As the name implies, wireless charging enables you to charge your smartphone without connecting it to a power source through a USB cable. The days of worrying about your charging cable being tangled in a mess and getting frayed are a thing of the past! This process is made possible through Qi – a globally recognised wireless charging standard. 

Qi-compatible smartphones contain a small loop of wire (called a receiving pad) under their back covers. Meanwhile, wireless chargers include a second wire loop which functions as the transmitter. When these two loops are aligned, they generate a magnetic field that transmits power from the transmitter (charger) to the receiver (phone).

Benefits of wireless charging

There are so many reasons to explain the rise in popularity of wireless charging that it is challenging to list them all, but we will try. Let us share why you should set your devices free and join the burgeoning world of wireless charging!

Benefit #1: Wireless charging is more convenient

The convenience of wireless charging is second to none. You just have to drop and go; it is that simple! You no longer have to fumble around for your charging cable and adaptor when you need power – wireless chargers are as easy to set up as they are intuitive to use. And thanks to the advancement in wireless charging technology, you can now charge your smartphone on the go with the various wireless charging power banks available on the market.

Benefit #2: Wireless charging allows you to charge multiple devices at once


Wireless charging allows you to charge multiple devices at once


Today, it is common to see a person juggling multiple gadgets at once. However, various devices and models utilise different chargers – the most prominent example being Apple and Android devices. Thankfully, a wireless charger can power all Qi-compatible devices, including your phones, tablets, and wireless earbuds.


A perfect example is the MagTrio wireless portable charger – a 3-in-1 wireless charging dock that offers the convenience of hands-free magnetic attachment. The MagTrio charging dock offers separate built-in charging pads for your smartphone, smartwatch, and wireless earbuds, allowing you to power multiple Apple devices simultaneously.


Benefit #3: Wireless charging is safe


Safety is understandably the number one concern when it comes to charging an electronic device. Rest assured that wireless chargers are as safe as wired ones, if not more so. Since the charging is done wirelessly, there is no risk of corroded USB ports, which can occur when you plug your charging cable in and out of your phone frequently. As a result, the risk of charging errors or electrical faults is significantly reduced.  


Benefit #4: Wireless charging reduces clutter


Wireless charging reduces clutter


Do you have a box stuffed with multiple charging cables? Isn’t it challenging to keep track of your various cords and cables? Not to mention they often get lost or broken. A single wireless portable charger can replace them all, allowing you to do away with these unsightly and unseemly cords. With no cables in sight, you eliminate the clutter you usually have around your house!


Benefit #5: Wireless charging minimises overheating concerns


With the recent rise in household fire cases in Singapore, we are naturally concerned about the battery in our devices overheating. Fortunately, Qi-compatible wireless chargers contain safety features that monitor the temperature to prevent overheating while charging. Moreover, once your device is fully charged, the wireless charger will power down automatically.


With such compelling and plentiful benefits, it is not surprising to learn that wireless chargers are becoming widely used worldwide. If you have yet to try wireless charging, what are you waiting for? Say goodbye to your battery anxiety with our collection of wireless portable chargers, including Magsafe chargers! Visit our website today to browse our comprehensive catalogue.



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