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Power Delivery, The Future of Charging

Power Delivery, The Future of Charging

The world of technology is ever-changing and with each wave of technological advancement, new ideas and innovations are brought to the forefront with the potential to shape our lives for the better.

One such technology is the USB Power Delivery (USB-PD).


What is USB Power Delivery?

USB-PD is a rapid charging technology that works exclusively with USB-C cables and connectors to deliver higher levels of power to a wide range of devices—this means super-fast charging and more power output for larger devices, such as your laptop.

If you’ve ever walked into an office or home, you’ll most likely find an assortment of chargers and cables of different configurations, all meant to charge your electronics. Whether it’s an Apple iPhone, an Asus Book Flip, or a Samsung Galaxy tablet, every device uses a different type of charger and USB connectors. The multitude of charging solutions owned by an individual can be an unruly and inconvenient mess.


One Charging Solution

With USB-PD, you can now charge all your devices, including laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other electronics at lightning speed using a single USB-C connector—a small-shaped port capable of transmitting large amounts of power. This could eliminate the inconvenience of having to carry around multiple chargers for different devices.

Its rapid charging, which charges at 70% faster than the standard 5W charging* also means that your device won’t be tethered to a charger for hours on a daily basis. In addition, since power can flow in either direction, power sharing between devices is made possible.


Safer To Use

As the USB-C connectors are designed hand-in-hand with Power Delivery, it is able to handle high levels of power for fastest possible charging without the risk of damaging the circuitry, as the USB Power Delivery chipset in the connector can automatically identify the connected device and deliver the exact power required and not anything more.

The Compatibility Chipset in the USB-C connector also helps to identify the brand of the device—whether it’s Apple or Samsung—and will behave exactly as the original in-box cable.

*When charging Google Nexus 6P or similar device from 0% battery


USB-PD VS Qualcomm’s Quick Charge

If you’re wondering whether the USB-PD technology is the same as Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 (QC 3.0), the answer is:

No, they are different charging technologies.

While they do share similarities—both technologies will work with USB-C connector—they are still distinctly different. For instance, in terms of its Max Power wattage, USB PD can deliver up to 100W, while QC 3.0 can deliver only up to 60W. And while the former, with its USB-PD protocol is safely compatible with a wider range of devices—including Apple iPad Pro, MacBook Pro, Google’s Chromebook Pixel, just to name a few—QC 3.0 technology is restricted to only products with Snapdragon chipsets in them, making it compatible with only limited devices.


Energea’s PD+ Charging Solutions

That said, at Energea we believe in having the best of both worlds, which is why most of our charging solutions are manufactured to support both Power Delivery and Qualcomm’s Quick Charge technology.



A small and lightweight travel charger that can go the distance, no matter where you are headed. With a total power output of 45W and two charging ports to support both USB-PD and QC 3.0 charging, all you need is a power socket and USB-C connector and you can conveniently charge all your devices, including the new MacBook and MacBook Pro. No longer be bogged down with lugging multiple chargers for your different devices during travels.



With a total power output of up to 75W, Energea’s PowerHub PD+ features four charging ports that caters to USB-C, QC 3.0, and 2.4A charging connectors. With its high 60W Power Delivery power output, it could charge the new MacBook and MacBook Pro at its maximum speed. Simply connect to a power source with the in-box cable and you’re ready to charge.


ALUPAC 20,000 PD+

If you want a charging solution that offers maximum power capacity and portability, Energea’s Alupac 20,000 PD+ is your absolute must-have. Boasting a 20,000mAh power output with two charging ports for USB-PD (in and out) and QC 3.0, this beast of a power bank can charge large devices such as a MacBook or tablet at a super-fast speed. Moreover, it can be recharged in just 24 hours with a 45W PD charger.


The Future of Charging

With most in the industry—including giants like Google, Samsung, and even Apple—starting to embrace and adopt USB-PD technology, one can easily envisage how that could potentially change the future of charging solutions. Imagine a world where a single cord can be used to charge all your electronic devices at lightning speed… if that’s not something to be excited about, we don’t know what is.


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