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The Ultimate in Tough Cables

The Ultimate in Tough Cables

Like you, we grew tired of charging cables that are costly yet inferior in quality. We dreamed of a cable that is robust yet able to deliver excellent charging performance. The search for the perfect charging cable ultimately turned up futile; most cables made compromises in one department or the other. So, we turned our heads to a new mission: To make the perfect cable that is uncompromising in charging performance and rigorous enough to withstand the brunt of daily use.


And boy did we make a cable.


Energea’s Tough Cable Series

With our tough cable series, your phone gets consistent power delivered whenever you need it most.


All our cables are manufactured with Dura TwistBraidTM technology that uses a unique interweaving pattern of nylon braiding to ensure a non-tangle charging experience every time. They are also rigorously lab-tested to endure the toughest conditions. An industry-leading warranty of five years means peace of mind that your charging needs will be taken care of.


Additionally, our standard tough cables come in 1.5m lengths, as well as a much longer version of 3m—so you can enjoy more freedom of movement when charging your device. It is also available in a shorter length of 16cm.


All our cables are Apple-certified and made specifically for iPhone, iPad, and iPod, so you no longer have to worry about iOS compatibility issues that often arise when using a cheap charging cable.



Encased in Anodised Aluminum for maximum protection, AluTough can withstand up to 30kg of pulling and tugging and is built to last and outlast.


Ultra Flexible & Durable

Undergoing 30,000 rounds of 60-degree bend tests, the AluTough has enough flexibility and toughness to endure the twists and turns of daily wear.


Up to 80N Resilience
Proven to endure up to 80N (8KG) of force, you no longer have to worry about crushed cable heads or internal damage.


Anti-tarnish 12Hrs Saltwater Test

Charge and connect no matter the weather. Subjected to 12hrs saltwater tests, you can even charge your devices on the beach.




If you prefer a cable with good aesthetics, then our NyloTough charging cable is the one you’ve been waiting for. Possessing the same robust qualities as all our cables, NyloTough is built to be stylish yet uncompromising on its toughness. It was made with meticulous craftsmanship and composite materials that can withstand a rigorous 30kg pull test. Couple that with its stunning TwistBraid reinforced cable, and you have an aesthetic winner that charges and charges on.



This next-generation tough cable is built to deliver robust charging performance. Able to withstand withstand 50kg pull test and reinforced with DupontTM Kevlar®  Technology, NyloXtreme Combat charging cable gives you the power plus extreme durability to keep up with your active lifestyle. We back this tough baby up with a 10 years limited warranty.


Unrivalled Durability

Able to withstand more than 50,000 rounds of bend test, Combat boasts a bend tolerance five times more than any other cables out in the market.


Reinforced by Bullet Proof DupontTM Kevlar®  

With the inner lining reinforced with bulletproof DupontTM Kevlar® fibre makes Combat a much stronger and tougher choice than conventional cables.


Contoured Design for Firm Grip

Specifically designed raised contours on the body allow a firm and easy hold with two fingers. The slim tip allows this cable to be used for most phone cases.


Tough Cables Worth Investing

If you’ve accumulated enough frustrating experience from using in-box or cheap replacement cables that fry ever so easily, then make the switch to our Energea range of tough charging cables today. Place your peace of mind in the strength and reliability that our tough cables provide, knowing that you now own a cable that is truly forged for life’s adventures.


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