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Wireless Car Chargers How It Works With Your Phone

Wireless Car Chargers: How It Works With Your Phone

Raise your hand if you have ever forgotten to charge your phone the previous night despite repeatedly reminding yourself to do so. We have all been there. But come the next morning, you will probably be fretting about what to do with your low-battery phone, especially if you have an important day lined up and no portable charger in sight.

Fortunately, such concerns are a thing of the past with the advancement in charging technology. Thanks to wireless car chargers, you can now stay plugged in on the go without worrying about your phone batteries going flat. Even better, you no longer have to deal with these pesky wires and cables. 

How do wireless car chargers work?

How do wireless car chargers work-wireless charger Singapore

So how does this fantastic technology work? It is thanks to the wonders of inductive charging. A base station is required to generate an electric field, transferring energy to a compatible device via inductive coupling (like wireless chargers).

Our smartphones contain a small loop of wire (called the receiving pad) under their back covers. The wireless car chargers will include a second wire loop that functions as the transmitter. When these two loops are aligned, a magnetic field is generated, transmitting power from the charger to the phone.

So the next time you find your phone running low on power while driving, you can simply set your phone on the wireless charging base station, and your device automatically starts to charge. No fuss, no muss.

Do note that most cars do not have a built-in wireless car charger. However, this is not a significant concern. If your vehicle does not have one, there are plenty of aftermarket wireless car chargers you can use as a substitute. Most smartphones are equipped with Qi-wireless charging, so look for a Qi-based charger.

Challenges of adapting wireless chargers into vehicles

 Challenges of adapting wireless chargers into vehicles-Wireless car charger

Wireless charging remains an emerging technology. As such, many car manufacturers are still working out how to best integrate wireless charging into their vehicles. And one of the primary challenges they face is the integration of these charging pads into the car’s dashboard. After all, smartphone sizes are not universal. So ensuring the wireless car charger works with every device on the market is an onerous task.

Another problem with wireless charging in-vehicle is the tendency for devices to move around from the optimum charging spot on a charging pad. As you drive, your smartphone will most likely shift from its initial position. Of course, having a cradle to hold the phone could solve the problem. But again, we go back to the issue of smartphones not being universal in size.

Fortunately, there is an elegant solution to the latter issue – MagSafe technology from Apple. Originally created as a safety feature for MacBook charging cords, this magnetic technology has since been integrated into the latest iPhones (iPhone 12 onwards) to allow users to snap their devices seamlessly and securely onto MagSafe-compatible accessories. With a MagSafe-compatible wireless car charger, you no longer have to worry about your device constantly shifting mid-charge while driving.*

*Please note that MagSafe technology is only available in the following devices currently – iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 14, and iPhone 14 Pro.

Are wireless car chargers worth it?

The answer is a resounding yes, especially if you are on the road frequently! With a wireless car charger, you no longer have to fumble around for cords and plugs. Just place your phone on the charging pad and you are done, ensuring your device is always ready when you need it. And if you are using the latest iPhone, consider getting a MagSafe-compatible charger to ensure your device stays in place during your drive. 

Are you seeking an affordable charger to power your phone on the go? Look no further than Energea! We have a comprehensive selection of wireless car chargers, including MagSafe chargers, available for sale. Visit our website today to find the charger most compatible with your needs.


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